Email Newsletter Connection

No need to add new users manually…it’s all handled for you

email newsletter

No need to add newsletter subscribers manually. Anyone who fills out a form on your website is automatically added to receive your email newsletters.

Common Questions About Email Newsletter Connection

Email newsletter connection is included with all Grow and Accelerate website plans.

Any website visitors that fill out a form of any kind will be automatically populated onto your email list. These are called leads – people who are somehow expressing interest in your company.

Yes. Users that convert into subscribers on your website can be identified by fields in your web forms. For example, you can tag all residential customers separately from your commercial prospects. This way, you’ll be able to send separate emails to each group and have a higher chance of capturing interest.

Pretty much any system is going to work well – most common ones are Mailchimp, Zoho, Hubspot and Constant Contact. Your choice!

It’ll help you grow larger email lists automatically. This helps you “nurture” your audience with information, offers and other content to help your company stay top of mind.