Website Analytics

Understand exactly what’s working well and what isn’t.

Google analytics

Data helps you make informed decisions about your company – How many website visits? Where are the from? How did they find you? Which pages did they click on?

Common Questions About Website Analytics

No, analytics reporting is available on all our website plans. There is no additional monthly costs to gather your website visitor data.

Web analytics is your website data. It includes important generalized information about all of the people who visit your website (don’t worry, it’s not infringing on anyone’s privacy). Cool thing is that data allows for you to make more informed decisions – understanding what’s working well and what isn’t.

All kinds of things – usually starting with how many visitors your website is getting. From there, we’re able to tell how many are “repeat” visitors vs. first time visits. We can tell which pages are most popular, how people find you, and how they behave while they’re on your site.

Information is power. On the web, we don’t have to guess if things are working well. You’ll be able to see actual user data.